Sunday, December 02, 2012

Asking for refund from Forex Trainer

Dear Mr. Tan

You are right about X. I have filed a complaint to CASE and they advised me to wait for X to respond. If X does not respond, I may raise the issue to small claim court.

If all fail. I will broadcast all email communication from X to Facebook, SPH, flyers and consider my suicide.
X had done gone beyond the words EVIL!   I have been seeking for help and begging him to refund my hard earn money but only get more hurt and worry from him. Because of X, I had fallen into deep depression.

Even my friend who had took the course commented badly about it. He paid over $4,000 to listen to theory for 3 days and 2 hours of practical lesson. During the course, they will ask the participants to sign for a boot camp which cost money.

I am ready to kill myself in front of X in his office. After I die, I will hound him, his family and everyone who work in that evil company. He want my old mum and dad to collect my dead body, then he will be happy and enjoy spend my hard earn money! 

I don’t know how you can help me to get my hard earn money back. Please try.


yujuan said...

Holy God, this writer wan to kill himself for a miserly sum of $4,000.
What about those Minibonds and High 5 Notes investors, some even losing hundreds thousands or millions of their life savings each, would be killing themselves many times over.
We got cheated by close friends and relatives too, had to write off losses as paying tuition fees for life lessons.
Just think you are not the only down-on-luck ghost, even the well heeled stock trader Oei Hong Leong and supposed to be very clever SWFs, got cheated and lost money.
How about that, hope this helps.

zhummmeng said...

There is no get rich quick scheme. Because of this greed and hope for easy money you have fallen victim to such dubious scheme.
The only get rich quick scheme is becoming an insurance agent. It is legalised scheme and the victims don't even know that they have been 'robbed' or shortchanged'. You have the protection of their benefactor, the insurance company. They would stick their neck out to defend you too.
So if you want to get rich quick become an insurance agent and fleeece and clean up your customers with high commission products without justifying the suitability. Your supervisor, sale manager, the compliance officer will help you get around it.This is a sure win scheme. Your must be hard working to hunt down all your victims because it is numbers game. You also need guts (the incentives given to you should embolden and bolster your guts), glib tongue and gain the trust of your victims and the rest is helping yourself to their wallets.
Stay away from the so called get rich quick courses. If it can , why share with you?..There is no kind soul out there. Even the insurers are trying to make money out of you with dubious products using an army of glib tongue, who dare to say anything and do any thing salesmen. Your interest first? TKK(tan kuku)

Kin Lian Tan said...

Watch these videos

Kin Lian Tan said...

I just spoke to the writer. He does have many problems of which the $4,000 plus is the last straw. So, be sympathetic.

veronika said...

Each one have our own problems, each family and each home. You do not get to hear about so easily, unless they tell you.

We have to learn from our problems and all problems can be solved. It takes time to solve problems. Time can be as long as 20 years.

Problems will always be with us.
Rich people have problems too, they just do not tell you. It could be their health is very bad or their children have turned into drug addicts ( high class types) or their spouse have other partners.

Killing anyone or yourself does not solve the problem. In fact it causes even more problems for the living.

The past cannot be changed
But the future can be created by what you do at the present.

What do you wish to create?

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