Saturday, June 16, 2007

Use the call center or e-mail

Dear Mr Tan,

I have an agent. However, can I choose to buy direct from NTUC call centre for travel insurance? Can I get a direct discount without going through her?

I am not happy with the agent (million dollar roundtable member) as she is away often on seminars. I can't contact her sometimes.

But unfortunately, this is the experience I have with previous NTUC agent, so I live with it.



For simple matters, such as travel insurance, it is more convenient for you to go through the call center or handle it directly through the internet. NTUC Income offers a very low premium for travel insurance. Most people arrange it directly.

It is best to use the agent for the more complicated product, where you need advice. If the agent is travelling, you can send an e-mail to the agent.

If the agent does not respond to you, you can find another agent who is able to spend more time to take care of your needs.


Thomas Phua's Blog said...

Agents do go on leave like any working people.

Usually, some will have their colleague to standby for them by diverting phone calls to be handled by their colleague.

It is best to stick to one agent as far as possible.

If one wish to activate Travel Insurance, same discount is given.

Agent do not earn much commission from travel insurance, but a small service fee.

Just an indication, for a $20 premium, an agent gets less than $1 after GST.

Travel Insurance is done as a service to our client.

I have some one who called me to ask about travel insurance, and asked me one question, "how can I try you?"

Well, for less than $1 , it is fine that I need not provide the service if I cannot be trusted.

- Thomas Phua

Anonymous said...

You should provide the same level of service irregardless of the commission amount. If you find that you need not provide service if commission is small then how can your customers trust you to provide good service for bigger policies?

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