Monday, September 10, 2007

Dying at home

Many old people prefer to die at home, rather than in a hospital, if they know the death is near. They know that it is costly to stay in hospital and that the medical treatment only prolong the suffering.

I spoke to the administrator of a hospital about this matter. He said that 70% of people die in the hospital, although it is beter for them to be in their home during the last days.

His hospital is able to arrange for a nurse to train the family members on how to handle the last days, and also to pay a visit the patient, when required.

One difficulty faced by the family members is finding a doctor to certify the death. They can get the family doctor to do it, if they have a regular doctor. If not, this can be quite troublesome.

He said that the funeral director can also arrange for their doctor to handle the certification.

Here is a practical advice. When the time is near, it may be better to make prior arrangement with a funeral director. They can handle the nencessary matters and reduce the stress for the family.

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Thomas Phua's Blog said...

I do not think it is the cost that the old folks are thinking at that time.

It is the warmth of the family that the old folk desire to have before they pass on.

Imagine when anything happen to us, who do we wish to be nearest to us? Our spouse and children and close ones.

My mum happen to lost her strength near Fu Lu Shou Complex 2 days ago and a passerby helped her by calling me. When I spoke to her, I could feel her need for us, and I tried to rushed down as fast as I can.

This kind lady passerby on my request at the same time activated 995 and sent her to TTSH, when I reached her, it was comforting to see her attended to and recovered in A&E ward.

Importance for the old folk is the security of having their loved ones with them.

I hope we do not only spend time with folks at their death bed, but when they are alive and well, we should spend time with them.

During last school holidays, my 3 children brought her to watch 881 movie and she was overjoyed.

What our folks need is love.

Not whether they choose to die at home, they want to be comforted and with their family.

Some time it is very sad, how some old folks are being "abandoned".

- Thomas Phua

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