Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bangla is not a derogatory term

I refer to this article about the use of the term "Bangla"

I agree with the Editor of The New Paper that they use this term as a shorter form for Bangladeshi, which is too long for a newspaper headline and it was not intended to be derogatory.

It is important that we treat all people with respect, so that there is no misunderstanding about superiority and derogation.

I have read in the blogs that Singaporeans are referred to as Sinkies, just like Hongkongers are referred to as Honkies. If this is intended to be a shorter form, it is all right. But the intent should be for convenience, rather than to be insulting to other people.


Chee Ming said...

I don't really agree.

Mr. Tan, you can try calling a Japanese "Jap". I'm positive that he/she will be offended.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Chee Ming, How about Brit and Yank? Are they derogatory?

Tan Kin Lian said...

It is important that we show respect for other people and their cultures. This will avoid misunderstanding and suspicion.

There is a tendency of some people to insult other people unnecessarily, especially if they feel safe under anonymity. This should be avoided. We have to cultivate the habit of showing respect to other people.

I have been the target in my blog of people who feel that it is all right to pass judgment on me, to engage in personal attacks or insults. They are likely to adopt the same behavior with other people who feel that they have been derogated. This should be avoided.

bluexpresso said...

Mr Tan, some terms are offensive to the people called that term. You need to do some background search using google.

Blackprince said...

Seriously anything fromTOC need to be taken with a pinch of salt. I have worked with many Blangahdeshi workers. Everyone know Bangla man is just a short term used on pple from Blangadesh. No one from Blangadesh ever feel insulted.

If the word is ever intended to insulting, it is the tone and way of speech that makes this word a derogatory term.

As in the word negro is a good example. In Africa it carries a different meaning from wad the white pple intended. TOC is just giving out fart.

freesms said...

I don't really agree.
Live Bangla TV

Unknown said...

All racial Short form best be avoided as it can cause hurt. Same as when I lived in UK, White people who like to call Chinese "Chinks" can say just a short form but Chinese felt insulted becos' it is meant to belittle Chinese & the users knew it.

Sydney said...

this is like a white man saying "n*gga" isnt a derogatory term. you are not them therefore there is no way you can speak for them on this matter. also we all know how "b*ngla" is used as a joke kind of term in daily life by malaysians, with a tone of superiority. if you want to cultivate a respectful culture then stop using "short forms" for races names.

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