Saturday, December 15, 2012

A more challenging job for PM Lee

When Mr. Lee Kuan Yew became Prime Minister of Singapore in 1959, he managed a country with a population of 1.6 million people and a relatively small economy. He and his team did an impressive job in developing the country over the next 25 years.

When Mr. Lee Hsien Loong became Prime Minister in 2006, the population had grown 2.5 times and the economy is 8 times bigger (my estimate).

Many people did not like the direction of Singapore since 2006, with rising cost of living, high cost of housing over-crowding and many social problems. But we have to realize that the problems faced by PM Lee is more complex and challenging.

Do you agree?


Lye Khuen Way said...

Frankly, no.
The population growth was the PAP own's doing. They seem proud of it.
The problems mentioned were of their poor policies. Public Housings "sold" with "market subsidy" !
COE meant as a tool to control car population becoming a cash cow!
The government gave up a number of duties that most democracies deem their duties. "No government" can be used in some instances. That's why, I do use "coverment" on and off when referring to our government!

yujuan said...

Very disappointed with the report card of PM Lee and his dancing around comedian team.
Worried about our kids' and grandkids' future. How could Singapore survive long with such short sighted leaders, obsessed only with their own self-serving Agenda at the expense of the country.
PM Lee is only presiding over a tiny population of 5m, and yet he finds it hard to cope.
What about Obama of USA, Xin Xipeng of China, President Yodonono of Indonesia, who commands only a fraction of PM Lee's extravagant pay, but govern over hundreds of millions or over 1 billion big populations. You mean these leaders dun face modern complex problems too?
In comparison, our PM's job is very much senang in the eyes of the Indonesian President.

michael13 said...

Singapore needs the right kind of leadership and the sound policies that enable good quality of life for all NOT just for the members of elite club. Singaporeans will decide come General Election 2015/16. No doubt about that.

michael13 said...

On LHL faces a more challenging task all because he has not worked as hard as his father LKY. I think he relaxes much more often. As a result, the level of support and encouragement from the people are fast declining.

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