Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Short essay answers

Over the years, I have marked short essay answers for a final examination. Here are the tips to students on how to get better marks. 
1. Write neatly. 
2. Introduce the question briefly, before you write the answer
3. Focus on a few points and write your answer. 

Here is an example:
Question - What factors are most likely to cause differences in term insurance rates for individuals of the same age.

Answer -
Term insurance pays the sum assured in the event of death of the insured during the period of insurance. The factors that are likely to cause differences in insurance rates for insurances of the same age are:

1. gender, females pay less
2. occupation, low risk occupations pay less
3. health status, healthy peoples pay less
4. smoking habits, non-smokers pay less.

This will give you full 3 marks.

The length of the answer depends on the marks given. Most questions with similar marks should contain about the same length in reply. If you have fewer points, explain slightly more. If you have more points, explain slightly less.

Hope that this is useful for undergraduates preparing for your examinations.

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