Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Compare governance of Singapore with the United States

When we compare the governance of Singapore and the United States, we have to remember that Singapore is a city state of 5.5 million people and the United States is a large country with a population of 318 million people (nearly 60 times of Singapore) living in 50 different states and a few hundred large cities.

The government of the US comes at three levels - federal, state and local. They have election for their President, Senators, Representatives at the federal level, governors and legislators at the state level and majors and city officials at the local level.

The job of the President of the US is many times more complex than that of the Prime Minister of Singapore.


Yujuan said...

Singapore is just a red dot on the map, very easily governed and controlled, yet they allowed a limping terrorist to escape across the Johor straits into Johore, a Malaysian State very much bigger than Singapore, and they were able to nab him and sent him back.
Have to ask ourselves, PM Lee the highest paid leader in the world, are we getting our money's worth?
Meaning, we expect more from PM Lee to deliver results "to prove his weight in gold."
If he could, why not? If he falters, then ...........?

KC Ong said...

Not true. The PM of Singapore has a tougher job, that's why he needs to be paid more.


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