Thursday, June 08, 2017

Are baby milk powder prices in Australia subsidised by the government?

My research showed that milk powder prices in Singapore cost 70% more than Australia. I asked the question - why should our prices be so high?

Someone said - that is because prices in Australia are subsidised. We should compare the unsubsidised prices.

The statement was made with an air of confidence. I thought initially that it was true. However, there was no way for me to get the prices before subsidy.

I decided to check Google (thank you Google) - is milk powder prices subsidised in Australia?

I got the answer - the Australian farmers gets government support as the milk prices are too low, due to over-supply. Hey, if this is the case, the low milk prices should result in low prices for milk powder manufactured in Australia and sold in locally and for export, right?

I can classify the statement of subsidised prices as "fake news". i wonder if that person is working for the government, and makes the statement to deflect the failure of the government to deal with the high prices being charged in Singapore?

Quite likely, he is not working for the government. He must have taken upon himself the role of protecting the reputation of Singapore against people who ask troublesome and embarrasing questions?

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