Saturday, October 22, 2005

Use MMS to take picture of accident


NTUC Income has come out with an innovative way to help policyholders in their motor accident disputes through the use of MMS technology.

NTUC Income handles about 2000 accidents each month. About 10% of these cases involve disputes between the parties on the cause of the accident. The parties give conflicting versions in the accident in the accident report. This makes it difficult for the insurers of the vehicles to decide on the party that should pay for the damages.

Some motorist try to distort the fact of the accident so that they can avoid liability. They want to put the blame on the other party and keep their No Claim Discount.

To help our policyholders in these disputes , NTUC Income is starting a service to encourage them to send an MMS of the photos taken at the accident scene. Many motorists now carry a mobilephone that can take pictures and send them to us immediately by MMS.

Photos showing the position of the vehicles as well as the damages caused by the accident are useful in the investigation of accident liability. It will also prevent aggravation of damages after the accident to inflate the repair cost.

Our policyholder should also give other useful information like the third party claimant's contact as well as whether there are any injuries substained due to the accident.

The MMS can be sent to XXXX XXXX to be stored directly into our server. Alternatively, the motorist can download the photo into a computer and send them to us by e-mail at When the motorist call our 24 hour accident reporting center, our staff will tell them about how to send the MMS or e-mail.

We hope to solve 50% of the disputes through the use of this new initiative.

Tan Kin Lian
Chief Executive Officer
NTUC Income


sharon tay said...

This is a very cutting-edge method to increase the accuracy of claims assessments. I am certain this will greatly reduce the number of disputes.

It takes an excellent leader with strategic foresight to effect and implement a good idea.

Kudos to Mr. Tan!

David Tan K K said...

Yes we should make good use of technology around us to assist us in our daily live and work.

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