Thursday, December 22, 2005

NTUC Income's contribution to NKF

In 1990, NTUC Income contributed $300,000 to set up the NKF dialysis center in Bukit Batok and $50,000 (raised from our staff and agents) for the running cost of the center. This was a special project under our 20th anniversary celebration.

In the subsequent years, we contributed a very modest sum (ie less than $5,000 a year) to the NKF. We felt that NKF was already raising more than needed from other sources.

During tihs period, we channelled our contribution to the Community Chest, which served 100 times the number of beneficiaries in Singapore. In 2005, we contribute nearly $250,000 to the Community Chest. This compriseof the contribution from the staff and matching contribution from NTUC Income.

We will find appropriate ways to support the NKF in future years, based on its future needs. We urge the public to continue its support of the NKF, who is charting its future directions.

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HotGlazier said...

Shunning an entire organisation because of one man is not the right thing to do.

Withdrawing of donations, only victimises the patients.

Com'on Singapore, let's be more forgiving.

We have to move on.

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