Thursday, January 05, 2006

Save $50 to $200 on your motor insurance premium

We compared the motor insurance premium for 10 popular models charged by NTUC Income, company A and company X. These are the three largest motor insurers in Singapore.

The comparisons are shown in

The premium rate for NTUC Income are between $50 to $200 cheaper than the two insurers.

Our policyholders can enjoy the further 10% discount, as follows:

- discount of 5% when they insure directly with us
- discount of 5% when they insure with us for three years or longer.

You can save a lot of money every year, by insuring with NTUC Income. We hold a 40% market share. Many people like our attractive premium rates, good service and convenience (ie report accident at Idac center and let us take care of the repair).

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David Tan K K said...

Yes NTUC Income's motor premium is very competitive compared to the rest of the insurers.

I renewed my dad's car insurance with them for about $200 lesser compared to their nearest competitor.

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