Friday, January 19, 2007

Low cost term insurance

Annual premium to insure $100,000 f0r 20 years:

Annual Premium
----- MALE ------- ----- FEMALE -----
Entry i- Term DTA i- Term DTA
25 $123.45 $ 50.75 $ 94.60 $33.45
30 $154.60 $ 64.60 $120.00 $42.70
35 $218.05 $102.70 $161.55 $65.75

You can give your family adequate protection, for such a low cost.

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Riceking said...

Dear Mr. Tan Kin Lian,
I am 56 years old and I thought I already knew a lot about insurance and investments until I started reading your very very useful postings on the same subjects. Many thanks for educating & humbling me all over again. The contents and tips are very useful.I also hope that you will continue to keep your Blog very plain and simple like the existing ones we are reading here...just like Google's. The reason why I express this hope is because I wish to continue visiting your web site. Secondly, I notice that many other web sites become too fanciful and distracting with lots of irrelevant stuff or attempts to impress the visitors as the individual or company grows bigger and more successful - so much so that it becomes a pain to go straight to the relevant contents - I usually give up visiting when web sites become overcrowded. I hope yours will continue to be plain, simple but very very readable and useful so that we can continue to enjoy your growth and success which is without doubt given your wonderful background and experience. Wishing you good health and everything neautiful!!
from: Yangkwan, Esy. 01 Feb 2007

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