Thursday, April 30, 2009

Complaints to FIDREC

If your claim for compensation has been rejected by the financial institution, you have to file a complaint with FIDREC within 6 months of the rejection letter. If you pass this deadline, FIDREC will not entertain your complaint.

It cost only $50 to get FIDREC to adjudicate your complaint. It is worth spending this money. If you need assistance to strengthen your case in preparing your complaint with FIDREC, someone (who is knowledgeable about this matter) is willing to do it for a modest fee. You can send your request to



Yan said...

I know this thing is taking very long to solve.

So to all the ppl out there who's fighting.

Keep doing so. Take heed from Michael Scofield from "Prison Break"
They fought against the government.

I totally understand what's it's like to go head on with a big organization.

Chins up.

Cashew Nut said...

I am puzzled with the LOGIC or LACK of it with this 6-month deadline for lodging complaint with FIDREC. May I ask 2 hypothetical questions:
[1] Does it mean, when the FI does not reply a complaint within 6 months, therein FI will compensate in full automatically?
[2] Does it mean, if you were raped you also have 6 months to lodge a complaint?

Bear in mind mis-selling is a statutory obligation under S27 of Fin Adviser Act.

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