Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Use of Medisave for health screening

Minister for Health Khaw Boon Wan said that the Government is considering to allow Medisave to be used for health screening, but needs some safeguards to be in place to prevent abuses.

A good safeguard is to set a cap on the amount that can be withdrawn for health screening, to be used once every three years. Within this cap, the medical facilities will compete to provide the best packages that is available. Independent experts can comment on the usefulness of these packages. Consumers who wish to spend more can still use their own money, and not draw down on Medisave.


Anonymous said...

It is very difficult to prevent doctor from over-prescribing unnecessary tests. I ever shared in this blog that my sports doctor suspected me having slip disc and advised me to go for an expensive MRI. I didnot know how he arrived at the conclusion. I didnot have symtoms of slip disc. My physiotherapist also observed that my problem was not due to slip disc. Anyway, I didnot go fo the MRI and stopped visiting the hospital altogether. That happened a few months ago. I am ok now and resume my usual sport. I could have spent $400 for nothing !

Anonymous said...

To limit the use and make it competitive otherwise abused by both consumers and medical professionals.
Just like the medisave and insurance they are abused by hospitals and doctors like blank cheques.
For consumers everything also want to see doctors or be hospitalised and every cent want to claim.

Anonymous said...

$400 for MRI considered cheap already --- you were on subsidised rates?

Common for ppl to be advised by their GPs to go see some specialist and do this test, do that test. If ppl don't know and they just walk into the hospital (even govt ones) to consult a specialist or to do tests, they will be charged private rates. Can be $1200+ for MRI.

So always ask for the costs beforehand. If tests like CT-scan, MRI or colonoscopy is needed, get the diagnosis / medical info from your GP and go to polyclinic for referral to hospital, and ask for B2 or C class. As subsidised patient, you get 66% to 75% "discount". If your condition is serious, as indicated in the GP's diagnosis e.g. high +ve cancer markers, the polyclinic will expedite and not put you on long waiting list.


Unknown said...

The above 3 posts are not related to the topic.

"Prevention is better than cure!"

The topic is on health screening. I support the use of medisave for health screening. It is easier and cheaper to cure a disease early than to treat it at the terminal stage.

We do not want to work so hard when we are younger and do nothing about our health. When we old, we have to use up all our saving to treat our poor body.

I proposed a comprehensive body screening (Denote "Standard Plan", inclusive all cancerous indicators, heart, kidney, blood, other basic indicators) every 3 years after the age of 30. This screening should be administered by recognized medical clinic or polyclinic. The cap should be around $350 per screen (once every 3 years).

If any clinic want to be fanciful to include other aliment testing (for example: heart test on jogging , eye, ear, etc), it should not be under medisave, customers have to top up with cash. This is to prevent abuse of system.

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