Saturday, June 04, 2011

Blog: Why Tan Kin Lian must run for President

Hi Mr Tan
I did the following blog posting. Just another small voice urging you to run.
If you run, I believe that you will have a very high chance of winning. 
Best Rgds


symmetrix said...

Mr Tan KL,

You have my and my family's vote. Inasmuch as I supported you to stand as an independent candidate for the recent GE, I support you for this President's post. The way you stood up and supported the underdog investors during the 2008 Global Financial crisis shows the mark of a man.

I request you to consider the flwg 2 issues in your campaign:

1. Presidential Clemency for capital offences. Pls reassign this power to the Pres (and not the Cabinet) especially for capital offences.

2. Press on with what the late Mr Ong Teng Cheong could not complete viz assemble a list of S'pore govt assets. S'poreans have a right to know the true figure with detailed breakdown, eventhough the total value works out to be much less or more.

I hope you will step forward to this honorable occassion. Should you decide NOT to run, I will still respect your wishes. Thank you.

simple said...

I'm sure we will all like to hear from TKL
1) his view on ministerial and presidential pay packets and what he considers to be fair and is willing to accept if he were to be elected.

2) What he intends to pick up from where Ong Teng Cheong had left off and how he will deal with government resistance that OTC had encountered

3) the reasons he left his lucrative CEO post in NTUC Income and as a PAP office holder

4) What are the substantive results he had achieved for mini-bond investors. Otherwise it is but one small episode in his track record

Answers to the above will help voters assess him better as a candidate

Tan Choon Hong said...

It would be a dream outcome if an EP with your independent outlook were to be returned. The first hurdle however, is passing the character check, which is a subjective assessment by the Presidential Elections Committee. These gatekeepers ensure the EP would not turn out to be someone with whom the “PAP members would feel awkward” in public or in private. Still, my hope is for the best so I can vote for you.

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