Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Taxi booking (TABS) - potential in Canada

I showed the taxi booking system (TABS) to a Canadian (of Indian origin) who visited me. He is involved in marketing innovative solutions. He liked the TABS system as it can change the way that people book for a taxi. The taxi driver does not need to look for passengers on the road, as they can locate a nearby passenger easily through TABS and reduce petrol consumption and accidents.

He is able to see the benefits of TABS (which agrees with my points) by thinking out of the box, and looking for benefits, rather than problems.

He has an uncle who is involved in a taxi cooperative with 400 taxi drivers in a town near Toronto. He is convinced that his uncle will be interested to introduce TABS as it gives their members an advantage in a competitive taxi market.

He was quite surprised that the authority in Singapore is not pushing to implement a similar system in Singapore - as there are obvious benefits of this system, from the perspective of the environment and road safety.



Blackprince said...

Mr Tan, such systems will never happen as long as certain players has the lion share and is allow to fix price and.policy instead of letting real taxis drivers decides. Unless Comfort Delgro is able to implement the system across the board and enable them to charge service fee on all taxis irregardless of company.

The only way I can see the light of this system that u mention coming alive is to have a company setting up a taxi booking system which can be easily installed without any modification to the vehicle.

bypassing the taxi company totally by offering a subscription service to individual drivers and free units as in the case of Singtel MIO box. Taxi company thus unable to interfer as driver is liken to "subscribing to a handphone service". Then linking ur TABS with Iphone or andriod software for ease of booking.

u can then potentially control 25k of taxis and bypassing all call centers and private taxi groups.

If u are setting up a company doing this n is keen to break Comfort Delgro gripe on the taxi market, I would like to join (i am dreaming dun worry). Currently I am a taxi driver. ^^¥

robin said...

It would be useful if you linked to the tabs booking screen each time you post on this app or put a button/link in your sidebar. People new to your blog may be wondering how to find it.
It's a bit of work going back through past posts to find the link.


jaya said...

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