Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pursuit of success and happiness

The late Dr. Richard Teo shared his life story before he passed away. This should get our young generation to reflect about success and happiness.

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yujuan said...

But we are always told by our Govt that we have to be always on Marathon race gear, can't even slacken a wee bit in our tracks.
Always have to run to chase after GDP growth, else we would all sink into the sea.
When Bhutan's Gross Happiness Product was brought up as a possible complement to our relentless rat race, it was shot down immediately by Minister Khaw as being too unrealistic and idealistic for Singapore.
Better follow the Chinese saying -
Contentment is the key to Happiness. Why work so hard to put more money into the pockets of our Ministers, and then we drop dead from exhaustion.

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