Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good maternity care in Hong Kong

This letter shows how the system can be good and low cost


Lye Khuen Way said...

And we thought we had it good here!
Well, not me, even if I had no prior knowledge of Hong Kong healthcare situation, in particular the maternity care.

We aim to be The Hub for almost everthing. So what?
More often than not, too many bad aspects of being #1 had many compromises that leave the ordinary folks at great disadvantages.

yujuan said...

Sick and tired of hearing the oft excuse,
Where's the dough coming from to fund more generous public services, with cheap medical care for citizens a priority.
Simple, just cut the reticulous Defence allocation of the National Budget by half, cut NS tenor to 6 months or 12 months,
and viola, that's where the source of the dough is.
Why be so tenaciously paranoid, we dun have to be the Israel of the East, fighting virtual enemies on paper. Singapore is not Israel fighting real wars on the battlefield, we are part of Asean, and these Asean countries are our brothers and sisters, not our enemies. Talking and smiling at the front, but ever so prepared to strike from the back, make Singapore a hypocritical, insincere member of Asean.
Better spend our dough to take care of citizens' medical costs.
It's so mean and unethical to conduct means testing on our own ka ki nang.

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