Friday, January 11, 2013

Need to change the status quo

Lucky Tan said that Dr. Koh is humble and comes from a poor family background. However, he is among the small percentage of people who benefited from the Singapore system and does not reflect the situation of the majority of the people. This is a point that seems to have been forgotten by the PAP.


yujuan said...


"Want to get elected into Parliament to serve, but sees no need for fundamental changes to the system."

Good gracious, the system is stuck at last century level, to continue to progress, change is necessary, else Singapore becomes obsolete like a used software, need to improve and add value to an outdated software.
Every introduction of a new PAP candidate is like an aged Parrot teaching a newbie parrot to parrot the same dated Party lines, it is boring for the bystander just to listen.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Well, the PAP leadership believe that their model ain't broken, so no need to change.

Just like the commercial, they only hear the "good things"... How pathetic!

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