Saturday, March 16, 2013

Malaysian General Election - 2013

Malaysia will hold its general election soon. If you like to follow the political developments in Malaysia, here are some news form the social media ....

THE 'DIRTY' 8? Rafizi challenges Najib to drop 8 senior Umno leaders from GE13 list

Pakatan offers to top civil service pay, perks promised by PM

Wong Tack to contest Bentong on DAP ticket

The Indians do have leverage

Malaysia's U.S. Propaganda

FIRST SOLDIER KILLED: Najib blamed for "politicking" & not focusing on Sabah crisis as death toll climbs

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yujuan said...

Kudos to the maturity of Singaporeans for holding comments on the GE of our nearest and closest neighbors, Malaysia.
May the 2 countries cooperate and prosper together, whatever the political outcome.

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