Monday, May 20, 2013

Too lazy to find out for themselves

Hi, Mr. Tan

I was reading your article on the distribution cost of insurance and the reactions most honest and hardworking Sporeans gave you when you shared with them the actual amount of money some policies are taking away from them as distribution costs.
It seems to me that Sporeans are too tired or too lazy to find things out for themselves. They prefer to have things done for them. This may explain why they are easy target for scams and are taken for a ride easily. Sometimes I feel that even the government is trying to take Sporeans for a ride.
This may be one reason why Spore as you put it aptly "stinks" nowadays. People are finding it hard to eke out a living. As such most of them are too tired to think about the bigger scheme of things after a long and hard day's work. They know they need insurance but they are unable or unwilling to spend time to source for a good insurance policy. This is why investment linked policy are a favourite (since they can have cash back ie savings, get coverage etc etc) kill many birds with a stone, not knowing that the one who get killed is most probably themselves if they end up getting a raw deal.
Same thing when it comes to many things our government is doing or managed to get away with doing. People are just too tired to do anything about it as they can barely make a decent living. Perhaps if they cannot keep their stomach filled up and their bodies warm, they will not be bothered about those higher needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. And therefore controlling them and manipulating them will be that much easier.
I really hope Sporeans who have benefitted previously and are in a position to do make things better will really rise to the occasion and make a stand. Do whatever they can to educate Sporeans and not let the stink continues in Spore.
Mr. Foo


Xianlong said...

Massive imports of foreign workers who can work long hours since little to no family/friends can give sinkies slowly.

Sinkies also work long hours to survive against long hours foreigners.

That way they are tied up in ignorance waiting to be slaughtered by govt/ financial instituations.

yujuan said...

4 words to describe Singaporeans:-

1. Too lazy to do background
2. Too greedy, so easily fall into
temptation to gamble on quick
rich schemes.
3. Too trusting of Authorities,
strangers, even family members.
4. Not street smart, yet think
they are.
And when they get tripped up, all they do immediately is to cow bay cow bu to the Authorities for help.

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