Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to deal with the haze

The key message is that the haze is not serious to health for most people. I walked outside for 1 hour yesterday, taking bus to a few places. It is hot and haze, but I don't feel that my health is badly impacted due to this short walk. 


Walau said...

Problem is u may feel fine now but with lung cancer years down the road. I really would not encourage u to do that again. God bless

Lye Khuen Way said...

The point is, will you walk outside, without a N92 mask on when the hourly PSI is 301 or 401 ?

The 2nd issue relates to that index. PSI whether 24 hrs or 3 hrs had been abandoned by the USA for the AQI in 1999. So why is Singapore sticking to this PSI and pointing to the US's Environmental Agency on the kitty gritty of the PSI ?

I cannot guess the rationale. It is like using a legacy software by a company planning to dent its competitors market shares.

Cannot help but imagine, the coverment and its agencies are just complacent and behind the curve. Again.

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