Sunday, August 18, 2013

Attend the right course on financial planning

Many people are told that it is a good idea to have compulsory saving for the future, so they put in $500 a month in a life insurance policy. They did not realize that the policy yield 2%, while investing in blue chip shares can earn 5% per annum, after deducting expenses and paying for life insurance cover separately.

The difference in maturity amount after 35 years is a staggering $240,000. Yes, it is a large sum of money - because you did not make the right decision!

To learn more about it, attend the FISCA talk on financial planning, and buy this book also,

Invest $6 and learn how to make the right decision for your future. Even if you have already been committed, you can still terminate the policy and invest your savings differently. It may be a better choice.

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