Sunday, August 18, 2013

Opal Recruiting Software

I wish to share my experience on using the Opal Recruiting software to recruit two software developers. 

I created two pages for the two positions of Software Developer and Trainer Developer. These pages are advertised in my Facebook Page and in classified advertisements.

I received a total of about 50 applications for the two positions. These applications are scored based on the answers given by the applicants to the questionnaire.

I selected four applicants and sent an e-mail (from Opal) to ask them to select a time slot for a telephone conversation. These time slots are selected in Opal.

All four candidates responded to select their time slots. I viewed their replies in Opal and called them at the appointed time by telephone and discussed their applications. One candidate was found suitable, and is visiting the office for an evaluation test.

Another candidate for the Trainee Developer position is under processing.

This is the first time that I am using the Opal recruiting software, I experienced some teething issues. These have been rectified, so the next recruitment should be smoother.

The Opal Recruting software is available for use by other companies or recuriting agencies. Enquiries to

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