Thursday, August 15, 2013

Make places more friendly to people

I observed that many parts of Singapore are not friendly to pedestrians and the public.

For example, in Midview City, the whole complex is enclosed and there are two vehicle gates and 1 pedestrian gate. If someone takes public transport to Midview City, they will have to walk a long way to find the gate (and signage is poor), and may find that they got the wrong gate and have to walk a long way to
 their destination.

This applies also to many other buildings in Singapore.

Somehow, most planners do not appear to look into the difficulties faced by the public in getting directions. The signage is usually inadequate and sometimes misleading.

There is too much attention on security (which I consider to be over-blown) and too little attention to the inconvenience and trouble it is causing to people. But, may I say, this is Singapore style.

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