Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A truly mobile website

1.       Introduction

A recent survey showed that 89% of users access the Web using a mobile device. Most of them use a mobile phone with a small screen.
Is your corporate website designed to be easily read by these users? Do you want to reach out to these consumers and tell them about your products and services?

2.       Mobile friendly website

Many businesses are now converting their traditional website (designed to be read by a desktop) to be mobile friendly, but this is a wrong approach. Why?
It is better to design your new website to be truly mobile friendly, and to design every page from scratch.
Remember – many users read your webpages using a 3G connection or shared Wi-Fi in a public place, and the connection can be quite show.
You should design each page to be small, so that it can be loaded quickly.
You should also want to make it easy for them to get the desired information easily – and that means an easy search and fast navigation.

3.       Integration with Social Media

You will also want each page of your website to be easily accessed from the social media – Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Wordpress and other platforms. This requires each page or each tag (i.e. collection of pages) to be numbered for easy access.

4.       Fast to develop

Your new website, which can be truly mobile friendly and comprise of a hundred pages, can be developed quickly in just a few days using the Onyx template (developed by Tan Kin Lian & Associates).
As an example, I want to refer you to my website, was created in just three days. Currently, it contains more than 70 newly designed pages.
I will be transferring a few hundred pages from my traditional website ( to the mobile website soon. After that, I will take down my traditional website.
You can create a trial website on the Onyx platform ( to see how easy it can be done, and to view how the pages look like on a mobile phone or a desktop.
If you keep you website on this platform you can use a redirection to this website. For example, visitors to be mobile website can type and will be redirected to

5.       Your own domain

If you like the Onyx website, you can transfer it to your own domain.
For example, the Onyx website can sit on or

6.       Enquiry

If you are interested to have a trial of the Onyx website, send an email to

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