Sunday, September 01, 2013

Keep in touch with your classmates for a lifetime!

I want to introduce the concept of the Facecard, especially to young people who are still studying in secondary and tertiary institutions.

Facecard is a personal card that you can create and store in the Cloud. You can put in your name, telephone numbers and e-mail and exchange them with your classmates.

The exchanged cards are stored in your virtual contact box that is also kept in the Cloud.

You may want to keep the contacts, especially your closed friends, in your mobile phone, but the Facecard in the Cloud is a useful backup, in case you lose your mobile phone or it get spoilt.

More importantly, you may lose contact with your friend when they change their phone numbers or e-mail addresses and don't tell you, or their message went into your spam box.

Even if you tell your friends about your changed contacts, they may overlook to update their record, so you will lose touch with many of them quite quickly.

These troublesome updating is not required when you use Facecard. When you update your Facecard, all of your friends are notified immediately, without any need for them to do any updating.

When your friends update their Facecard, the updated details appear in your contact box instantly. No need for you to do any updating.

You can also keep in touch with old classmates and friend when they change jobs. You will know their latest title and company, when they update their Facecard.

It is easy to exchange Facecard at a meeting. Go to "Nearly" and see the Facecard of people at the same event and ask to exchange cards. It is better than collecting the physical cards (especially, if you don't have any, or have forgotten to bring them).

You can create your Facecard at Go to "Register" to create the card and click on the "How to use Faceard" link to read the instructions.

Create your Facecard now, and keep in touch with your friends for a lifetime!

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