Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Presenting both sides of the story

Lim Wee asked:
Do you subscribe Strait Times? Don't you think it is a one -sided newspaper?

Many people say that the Straits Times is parroting the views of the Government. 
Let me give you an independent view. 
35 years ago, a retired Englishman was a guest in home home. After two weeks, he said, that the Times is rubbish. I asked him why he thought so. 
His reply, "They only give one sided view, and always repeating what the Minister had said. In England, the papers will present the views from both sides, and let people make their judgement. How can people decide, if they only read the views from one side?"


yujuan said...

Must confess, used to believe what the local MSM dish out in the daily papers.
Now, realise my foolishness, and one person I would like to offer an apology is the former Chief Minister of Singapore, Lim Yew Hock.
Still under colonial Rule, he was in no position to decide on the sale of Christmas islands to Australia.
MSM made him the scapegoat to carry the blame, the work of the rascals, the British.
Doped once is more than enough, now older and wiser. Could conclude all Govts manipulate their MSM to advance their political Agenda, our PAP Govt is no exception. Social Media is the tripping stone in their path, must fix it at all costs. A desperate move for survival.

michael13 said...

The Straits Times is fast becoming irrelevant in reporting "domestic political news" in terms of its accuracy and fairness. Unfortunately, the ruling PAP still thinks that its 'ostrich' style of governing can be further enhanced by this so-called one-sided newspaper's continued existence. What a sad mismatch!

Tan Choon Hong said...

We are urged to “read the right thing.” Only the Straits Times publishes the “right thing” through self-censorship or direction from above, as revealed by an insider in his book. The “right thing” can only be one thing – it is one-sided.

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