Friday, October 18, 2013

Unsatisfactory compensation from Sing Tel


15 October 2013

Editor, Forum Page
Straits Times

I find the compensation offered by Sing Tel to its customers affected by the disruption of service caused by the fire at its Bukit Panjang exchange facility to be deplorable.

At the minimum, the affected customers should be given a proportionate refund of the fee for the period that the service has been disrupted or for the contract period to be extended by the same period.

It could be argued that the compensation should be augmented, as the disruption to business or the daily living routine should also be considered. 

It is likely that many customers will not be adequately compensated by the increase in surfing speed or more local calls which they may not need. 

The regulatory authority is supposed to regulate the service providers to make sure that they meet the service standards. I ask the authority to step in and ensure that the customers are compensate adequately and fairly.


sgcynic said...

That's the whole point - SingTel purports to compensate customers with services that do not need and thus the company do not end up paying. Even if the offer is exercised, the cost to the company is minimal.

yujuan said...

Blooming lying idiot, that's our Singtel.
Today's Sunday Oct 20th. Our internet is still on and off, they have the cheek to broadcast over the media they hv fixed the system, and operation running smoothly.
Their customer care officers, manning the enquiry line, are told to lie to clients.
They copycat SMRT, neglect maintenance, resorting to no back up system, all in name of saving costs.
Cents wise, dollar foolish, SMRT is now paying for its past negligence. If buildings can subside into the soil over time, what about the SMRT underground rail lines.
Why Temasek Holding GLCs so short sighted, all stinge on maintenance to max up profits, saving costs to pay themselves fat pay and bonuses.

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