Monday, January 06, 2014

Are our Police competent?

I had high regard for Police but that regard has diminished in recent years. 

I helped several people to lodge two complaints to the Commercial Affairs Division on cheating cases, which had been going on for more than ten years. I had observed how the CAD carried out its investigation on both occasions, and my description is "irresponsible, incompetent and shameful". Even complaints to the Minister and the Prime Minister did not not make any difference.

We have now seen the response of the Police in the Little India riots on Dec 8.

My regard for several government agencies had also diminised considerably. I strongly dislike the attitude of passing the buck from one agency to another. We all know about the case of different types of birds being handled by different agencies - pushing the public from one agency to another or the question of which agency should deal with racing of cars on our roads in the early morning.

We also know about the rampant inflation of motor repairs which has been going on for more than two decades. No government agency wants to deal with this issue.

As a Singaporean, I am ashamed to make this statement, but it does not help if we turn a blind eye and pretend that this state of affairs is satisfactory.


yujuan said...

Our SPF is a failing Public Institution, as seen in the viral video with Police vehicles hastily running off in the heat of the Little India rebellion.
Doubly confirmed now, can't rely on these useless idiots to protect our lives, what more asking them to protect our moneys and possessions.
Citizens starting to look down on these men in blue with contempt, and the bulletin boards placed along public roads advertising such insignificant crimes like stolen bicycles, we could not stop laughing at the stupidity.
One man who lost his bicycle saw it chained up at a MRT Station, called the Police who came with pliers, cut off the locks and told the man to ride off, did not even bother to investigate the theft. Such action speaks volumes, and made us laugh even more.

sgcynic said...

'They' should be the ones to be ashamed /shamed.

rex said...

Commericial Affairs Department just ignores the average Ah Beng making a complain.

I filed a police report against STREEDEAL an online seller. In their website when you buy something you click on buy, and be default you are deemed to want to become premium member (99 dollars a year) with some don't know what special privileges. SO I was charged extra 99 dollars for a 20 dollar item I bought.

The officer at the police post told me this is very common, he himself also kena conned. I passed him a lot of documents to forward to CAD, addressed to director of cAD to investigate.

Almost a year passed, the police did not reply me. CAD also did not reply me.

I think even in India, when you make a complain you will get better service from the goverhment.

This is a lawless state. That is why people becoming more and more selfish and thinking of money at all times, not law and order.


Lye Khuen Way said...

My regards for the SPF was already low almost two decades ago. They stemmed from personal experiences dealing with our Police with regard to Break-in, Intimating Driving and loss and return of wallet that had my IC in it.
The recent "Riots" and subsequent related events reported so far also do not boost my confidence in the SPF and our AGC as well .

Gary Wong said...

Wide spread thinking of "work smart, don't work hard". Anything that don't contribute to own KPI, just don't care. Look at the bicycle theft, no body seem to care. Ask anyone who own a bicyle that cycle to MRT station experienced theft before. Licensing or registration of bicyle do not contribute to KPI so no Minister, MP, Police or any Civil Service Chief want to take up the challenge. Sad sad sad

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