Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Faults appearing in our society

By now, many people would have form the conclusion that the Police was incompetent in handling the Little India riots. But, this is a reflection of the situation in many parts of the public and private sector in Singapore.
The inability of SMRT to fix the train faults is another clear example of that failure.
Our leaders are too busy making money, playing golf and networking with elites. They are neglecting the fundamentals of what makes the economy and society works.


Bai Hu said...

Well said Mr Tan!!! What has pissed me so off is that Singaporeans are paying top dollars for 3rd world services. Something that is not seen in other ASEAN countries.

yujuan said...

Very crystal clear now, the PAP is not governing Singapore any more, they are just interested in making money to keep themselves in power, with the accompanying high pay, bonuses and perks and pensions.
For a Govt that only caters to self interests, better to make way for another Party who are morally more deserving to govern.
Take the ongoing COI case, who were the gallant Police to meet the rioters, only the Malaysian Certis Cisco Policeman who started arresting the earlier troublemakers, and later the mercenary Gurkha Force that established control of the chaotic situation. Our very own Police?
Holy cow, they were cowering in fear to act right from the beginning. No wonder PM Lee said we need foreigners in Singapore. This is a classic case, we need even the foreigners to protect the people and our local Police Force. All those local scholar ASPs are just that, timid paper tigers. At the crucial point, they are unprepared, feeling lost or just shocked, meekly waiting for instructions from Uncle Teo or the PM.
Sadly, our beloved country is breaking down, make us long for the good old days where the old guards were in charge, without selfish motives, and really govern the country, and not merely taking instructions from top down.
Now, no one wanna take responsibility, and they just freeze up in an emergency, no action taken without instructions.
But instructions from whom? Everybody in public service is just blur.
Now imagine if some country from abroad initiates an attack, would our SAF freeze up as well? By the time they get into action, Singapore is flattened in no time.
The invincibility of Singapore has been dashed now, and our neighbours are watching.

rex said...

Strangely today one of the COI senior investigators said he wanted to give a MEDAL to the police officer who "held the ground" and did NOTHING because he was AFRAID anything he do would escalate the crowd anger.

TEE TUA BAH, a much respected ex Police Chief, had very different feelings. IT was very clear he was not happy with the performance of the police. The Straits Times downplay his rapping of the police managing the case, Straits Times said SPF was "QUIZZED" over the inicident. If you read carefully actually Tee Tua Bah the most respected Police in Singapore,WAS REALLY SLAMMING THE POLICE FOR INCOMPETENCE.

I SUPPORT TEE TUA BAH. He knows his job and is a hands on worker unlike all the cowards in the police force who have no expereinece and just try to act smart.

zhummmeng said...

I agree with Yujuan that today these people are paid humongous salary and bonuses but give 3rd world service.
Nearer to us I heard Mr. Tan when he was a CEO of Income he was paid measly salary but the service, the products and compassion he gave to policy holders were exemplary and superior .Sad to say Income with ceo paid 7 times Mr. Tan's salary the products and the service are very poor than before.
The point is today these people are driven by MONEY and deliver work and service grossly disproportionate to the salary.

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