Monday, February 24, 2014

Pioneer Generation should include the people called up for NS in the early years

Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen said that he is glad that the pioneer generation now includes the people born in 1949 that was called up for NS. The number is just a few hundred.
What about those born in 1950, 1951 and later years? This is where the large numbers are, and they are left out of the generous benefits provided to the pioneer generation. Surely, these people should also be considered as pioneer generation, as they were the people that built up a strong defense capability for Singapore?
As defense minister and a cabinet minister, does Dr. Ng see beyond one year?

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yujuan said...

Why the Pioneer package won't help PAP to win more votes, this is one area PM Lee is banking on the wrong carrot.
The top management of Temasek Holdings (and not GIC) is the tripping pebble in PAP's path, up to the PM to figure it out.

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