Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sending an invoice to a school

Last year, I sold shape quiz and tangram books to a school. They asked me to sent an e-invoice. I had a lot of trouble to register for an vendor ID at the government website. I also recorded the details of the website address, user ID and password.

I received a repeat order this year. I went to the government website to create the e-invoice. The website said that my vendor ID is rejected.

I had no idea why it should be rejected. I send an online form.

I don't understand why the government makes it so difficult to me to do business with a school. It is unfair, wasteful and unproductive. By saving a few minutes of time, they created a lot of work for the vendor.

I had sent this issue to the Ministry of Finance last year. Looks like, I have to bring it up again.

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Sureesh said...

Yes the process is long. You also have to have an easy account to authorise yourself to do the e-invoice

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