Thursday, April 10, 2014

$100,000 alternative to improve the bus service

The Land Transport Authority can solve the immediate problems of improving the management o f the bus services by spending $100,000, instead of the $68 million that they are spending on acquiring a new "intelligent bus management system".


Bai Hu said...

I shared the exact sediments as you. It is a pure waste of money resources. Dunno what our PAP government is up to now.

michael13 said...

There will be another pure waste of money resources on the feasibility study on the possible terminal locations for the proposed high speed rail linking Singapore and KL by the year of 2020.

Obviously, Tuas West is the ideal terminal for that purpose in terms of space and costs. Why again the government needs to spend million of dollars for the stupid study on the suitability for the other two locations, namely Jurong East and City Centre.

The past experience of high speed rails from many countries shown that such terminals are normally built in the suburb area because of safety(less populated), noise and maintenance consideration, etc...China's Wuhan Station(for HSR) is one of good examples.

If Dr Goh Keng Swee or Mr Hon Sui Sen are still around, I am sure that such stupidity would be killed instantly before anyone could ever moot it.

Xianlong said...

The regime has become wasteful in spending because the majority of population can easily be fleeced.

Need more $$? Install more ERPs.
Need more $$? Install more carpark gantries.
Need more $$? Sell expensive world cup viewing to a captive market.

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