Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wasteful to spend $68 million on intelligent bus management system

I was very angry when I read the news that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awareded a tender of $68 million for an intelligent bus management system. Link. The benefit to consumers is described in this sentence, " With more accurate bus arrival information, commuters can better plan their journeys and travel options."
Read my reasons here:


Green Matter said...

The foreseeable benefit for an (eventually) unified bus management system comes with MORE (not TWO, likely Incom-ing) bus operators allowed to enter to solve the public transport problems together.

Then the constructive process to our congested traffic on limited road space will be – more public-mindedness, less private-luxury?

Xianlong said...

Pitiful returns using the piling human bodies approach to GDP growth.

Such wasteful spending to rectify a congested infrastructure might not be needed if the country isn't overcrowded in the first place.

Flood in so many people to boost GDP & now splash so much $$$ - pitiful returns.

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