Saturday, April 26, 2014

Civil servants should not spend public money wastefully

Dear Mr. Tan
The mindset of most civil servants is - "My main concern is not to make a mistake. It does not matter how much it cost or the quality of service to the public. So long as I follow clear instructions, I will be all right".

Does this mindset bode well for the future? How can the mindset be changed to focus on reducing waste, reducing cost and improving service to the public?

This mindset has been ingrained over a few decades. It will take a lot of effort to change the mindset. Even if someone wants to make a change, the civil servants will not trust him, and will not feel safe about making the change. 

We are stuck with it.


Xianlong said...

Mr Tan is right about the stuckups in civil service. Most of them are deadwood.

If all those civil serpents do is follow orders blindly to cover their ass then, might as well automate/replace them with robots.

Or replace them with cheaper foreigners which the pap likes to do. Follow instructions blindly is a mantra well practised by them too.

tanakow said...

In next year 2015 Sea Games the govt is going to house all athletes and officials in MBS and other 5 stars hotel. Why can't they stay in cheaper lodgings?

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