Saturday, May 31, 2014

Adopt a constructive approach

Sam Tan said:
Beware Fellow Singaporeans, It is PAP deliberate ploy to constantly provoke and attack WP in parliament to create DRAMA (corner WP to say and do wrong things) so that PAP can take these words/ actions against WP in next GE campaign ACCUSE WP for being an irresponsible/ destructive Opposition like those in other countries.

Hence convince Singaporeans to stick with a one party system so that PAP can control Singaporeans with their iron fists and implement all policies they want without consultation, debate and obstruction from Opposition and Singaporeans.

Remember this, every alternative policy/ suggestion has its pros and cons and PAP will attack the cons of whatever WP suggest and WP will never win the debate with PAP majority in the parliament.

The pugnacious approach of our PAP leaders is not constructive. They set a bad example. 
They should be open minded to get the views of other people and seek a better solution to many of the "elephants in the room", i.e. problems that they have been ignoring or unable to solve for a long time.

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Tan Choon Hong said...

The new buzzword “constructive politics” piqued my interest and I googled.

According to Gamasutra, "Constructive Politics” was a MMPORG (or massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) proposed for development in 2000 by Mathew Mihaly, president of game-developer Achaea.

I am sure he could not foresee that his brainchild would one day be hijacked by the Singapore Parliament in a sizzling debate that fleshes out the key features he envisioned. Power, glory, dedication, betrayal, state against citizens, and more.

My understanding of “Constructive Politics” as expounded in Mihaly’s essay is that despite its lofty connotation, human failings will eventually corrupt its highest ideals, leading to destructive politics and collapse of state when a group, in the absence of or by circumscribing checks and balances, assume absolute power.

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