Friday, May 02, 2014

Consult a fee-based financial adviser

I chance upon your blog and talk about the ILP and saving plan.
I have bought Pruflexicash (25years, monthly premium:$258) and the agent guarantees 3% of interest rate. I am confused by the yearly cashback . is it just withdrawal of our own money ? From your point of view , should i hold it or stop ?

I also bought GE ILP smart protection at $180 monthly . Would you advise me to stop or keep it ? i also bought GE 's life endowment plan (20 years with $231 monthly premium . It will only break even after 65 years old 

I don't mind to earn low interest as i will have my own way to earn more money . I just hope not to lose money at the end .

Please consult David Soh

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zhummmeng said...

Friends, wholelife , endowment , worse, those cashback anticipated endowments and regular ILPs, all border on scam.
Why scam?
1.they don't meet your needs
2.they don't insure you adequately
3.poor returns
4. agents, NONE is qualified adviser; they are all salesmen only interested to sell you what benefits them......certainly NOT YOU.
5. they are ALL liars
6. they are all SNAKE OIL salesmen.
Avoiding them is your fortune...if you kenna allealy , go to the Kallang river to wash and cleanse off your bad is very SWAY to meet these people because your financial future is ruined.

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