Sunday, June 15, 2014

5 July event in Hong Lim Park

I have decided to speak at the 5 July event in Hong Lim Park asking if Lee Hsien Loong is the right person to lead Singapore.

I hope that many of you will turn up to hear my speech. Do register in the page to show that you are joining the event. 

Question: will I support or oppose this motion? Come and hear my views.

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yujuan said...

About time. PM has a split personality behind a facade of a beaming smile that is not natural.
A split personality where we dun know when he's genuine and when he's fake, a very unpredictable character that swings the pendulum from far right to far left. Has a very impatient streak that want many things done quick and plentiful, leaving citizens panting in trying to keep up with pace, thus alienating himself from the ground.
Keep the proverb in mind - haste can't attain the result you want. It can boomerang back on you.
Catherine Lim hits the nail on the head, people losing trust with his Govt, and it's come to the stage, his Govt or rather PM himself, dun quite know how to salvage situation, then may as well abandon the attempts or ignore it and return to old ways while engaging in self deception.
PM has our sympathies, under so much tremendous stress to fill in his famous father's shoes.
A Malaysian stock remiser said these words when PM first took the seat of power " A difficult job. Damn he if he's not as good as his father, also damn he if he tries to be as good as his father. Either way can't win." Very wise words indeed from a bystander foreigner working in Singapore.
It may be better for PAP to groom another new PM who is not related to the Lee family for power longevity, also for LHL's personal health and happiness.
We need a saner, cool headed, logical leader, one who is head and shoulders above his Party's rowdy colleagues, able to use psychology to bind himself to the electorate, like not yapping like a mad dog on and off Parliament's stage.
We respect LKY, and allow the old man to call us names, even calling us bastard or bitch, but won't accept the new PAP leaders to do likewise as we feel they have yet to earn their stripes, only one prominent Indian Minister is saner not to follow his Party's herd, and this impresses us. We think he would be a better leader to rein in his colleagues bullying, childish misbehaviour. Nothing is impossible, just look at American politics.
A citizen's views concerned with Singapore's future, one who has had experienced Singapore's chaotic history, sung 3 National Anthems. May the better man wins, irregardless of race or religion, for our country's sake.

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