Friday, August 07, 2015

Those who cared for the people of Singapore

One person who really cared for the people of Singapore is JB Jeyaretnam. Most of us, including me, did not realize it earlier. I only realize it after he passed away.

There is another person who also cared for Singapore. This is his son, Kenneth Jeyaretnam.  KJ spent a lot of time and money to bring up the case about the unauthorized loan to the International Monetary Fund. 

He also write in his blog about the lack of transparency and accountability in the management of our international reserves and the use of our government budget.

We must give him our support. I hope that he will get a chance to be elected into Parliament this time round.


Michael said...

It's good for someone who truly cares and, is able to speak on behalf of all ordinary Singaporeans(the quiet majority) on their problems n aspirations. However, today S'pore political situation, the need to develop a 2-party system become much more important n urgent. To provide a credible alternative govt that will serve our long-term interest as a democratic nation. In this instance, perhaps, WP n SDP stand a better chance to succeed if they can send in more reliable, committed n competent to contest in this upcoming GE.

yujuan said...

How could we trust PM Lee when he said whatever he's doing is for the good of Singaporeans, while Govt signed the CECA with India, hiding secret, sensitive terms allowing Indians to flood our employment market, pushing out our own PMET out of work. All for sake of the 2 SWFs penetrating the Indian Market with a freer hand, but at the expense of citizens, you call this caring for us.
Great, saying it without even batting an eyelid.

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