Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bad signages

I was confused with the signage in terminal 1 at Changi Airport. On returning from Jakarta last night, I looked for the Arrival Pickup Point.
At the escalator, the sign shown an up arrow. I remembered that the pickup point was at the lower level previously, but it now pointed to the higher level.
I checked and decided that the sign clearly pointed to the next level.
I went up the escalator and found that it was the departure level. There was no arrival pickup sign. I concluded that I was mistaken and went down to the arrival level.
I searched for other signs and found new signs further down the level. I followed them and went out to the road side. There was no pillars to show the pickup point.
After waiting for a few minutes, I decided that there was something wrong. I walked down the road and turned to the side of the building. I found the actual waiting areas with the different sections that are clearly marked.
I was clearly misled by the confusing signs.
I find signages to be generally bad and confusing in many places in Singapore. My earlier impression was that the signages were well designed in Changi Airport, until my experience last night.

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