Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wild animals also have families

A farmer told me of an incident in his farm that is quite sad.
He plants fruits and vegetables and keeps out the wild animals with a fence. One day, a wild boar tore open the fence and destroyed his plants. This occurred for a few days.
He finally laid a trap for the boar and caught it. it was a female boar. He sold her to a nearby restaurant which sells wild boar meet.
A few days later, his farm was visited by three piglets looking for their mother. He was so sad to see this piglets.
He would normally not hunt the wild animals, but it this case, the boar was destroying his plants.


Bai Hu said...

This is so sad. A dilemma of being a farmer - on one hand u need to defend your crops, on the other hand the animals have families too. Perhaps he can consider using a better fencing material......

Anonymous said...

When maid take care our children, who take care maid's children?

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