Thursday, January 21, 2016

Complicated CPF contribution rates

Many people are not aware about the burden that the government give on small businesses on just paying the CPF contributions.

The CPF contribution rates vary by type of worker (citizens, permanent residents in the first, second and third year), by age and by type of income.

Here is a very complicated table.

It is not possible to show all the calculations on one page, so there are additional pages in PDF to show the calculations.

The small employer has to engage an accountant or to buy a software just to carry out the difficult calculation. Reading the instructions can give them a headache. The admin staff working for the small employer cannot manage the complication.

I once saw the CPF sends many booklets to the employers to show the calculation. They know the trouble that is being faced. But they do not want to tell the government ministers about the necessary trouble that is imposed on the employers and on the CPF staff.


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