Friday, January 22, 2016

Obamacare vs "Medicare for All"

President Obama fought very hard to get the Affordable Care Act passed in Congress. This Act has the nickname of Obamacare.

It has some significant benefits, namely:

a) Remove the restriction on pre-existing conditions
b) Achieve a net increase of 17 million people to be insured

It still has significant challenges, namely

a) 33 million people are still uninsured.
b) The insurance premium and deductibles have gone up
c) The health insurance companies have increased their profits significantly

Bernie Sanders have proposed a new scheme called "Medicare for All". It is a single payor system, i.e. the Government will pay the hospitals and doctors for health care provided to the insured people. This scheme will cover every eligible person.

What is the key difference between Obamacare and "Medicare for All"?

Answer: the role of the health insurance company will be removed. The Medicare will be the only insurer under this scheme.

This is a bold move. It is the right approach. By removing the private insurers under "Medicare for All", the cost of the health insurance is expected to fall by at least 10 to 20% (my estimate). This is the cost of marketing the insurance and the profit margin of the insurance companies.

There is still a role for private insurance to offer the top up or additional coverage on top of Medicare. This is the approach adopted in France.


Anonymous said...

Free things are nice but unfortunately someone have to pay for it.

See the Bernie Sanders' $19.6 trillion in tax hikes from the Washington Examiner

I don't think Americans are ready to elect a socialist as a president.

Unknown said...

One thing to remember when President Obama will step down is the Obamacare. This huge and very important bill that passed on his terms. Many people are insured now, 33 million is not yet insured but that number is not that bad. The more people are eligible the better.

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