Sunday, January 03, 2016

Positive response to CRM software


You told me yesterday that you have been too busy with your business and have no time to plan the development of your CRM software.

I have a software that is now being used by my company and is being considered by two potential customers.

Do you wish to look at its functions and see if it may suit the needs of your company? The software can be customized quite quickly to suit your actual needs.

Here is a writeup of the software.

Hi Mr. Tan,

Sounds good. The write-up seems simple and direct what we need from CRM software.

How to proceed? Maybe look at the detail functions of the software? What would it cost for the software?


I can make the software available for an initial fee of $5,000 plus $1,000 annual fee. I will add $2,000 for the training. Customization may cost extra, but can be minimized.

There is the cost of hosting in the Cloud. If you use my Cloud, the monthly fee (if the data base is small, say less than 1000 customers) is $200.

If you have an office with 3 staff paying CPF in Singapore, you will be able to claim 60% of the software cost from government funding.

If you find this acceptable, I will send the user guide to you. I can also arrange for a hands on demonstration.

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