Monday, January 04, 2016

A new world order under Donald Trump

Mr Tan,
I thought you supported Hilary Clinton previously. Why do you change your support to Donald Trump (if I ready your sentiment correctly)?

I like the policies and strategies articulated by Donald Trump. He wants to bring jobs back to America. That is essential to "make America great again".

This will require America to be more protectionist. I also support this policy. I have written a few years ago about the need for a limited return to protectionism.

Donald Trump has the following positive qualities:
a) He is honest
b) He talks straight
c) He knows the problem and the root of the problem
d) He know how to deal with them
e) He is not beholden to the special interest and the lobby groups.

He also have a few negative qualities. But they are small relative to the positive qualities.

It is strange that someone who comes from the Republican party is now more pro-people, pro-jobs and pro-protectionism than the Democrats.

I had high hopes when Barack Obama become President and appointed HIllary Clinton as the Secretary of State. Unfortunately, they were not able to solve the problems faced by America and the world.

I think that Donald Trump will introduce a new approach. I hope that he will be successful in doing what needs to be done.

I also believe that the world will become a better place when America is great and strong again, and the world becomes more protectionist.

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