Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Is anyone keeping track of bus punctuality?

On reaching the bus stop this morning, I checked the MyTransport App for the arrival time of bus 163. I was surprised that the next bus would arrive in 14 minutes and the one after that in 24 minutes.

I decided to take bus 86 which was expected to arrive in 4 minutes.

Two minutes later, I was surprised to see bus 163 arriving.

I suspect that the GPS tracker on this bus was not working and its existence was not captured in the app.

I had noticed on a few occasions during the past year that a certain bus was not being shown in the App, most probably for the same reason. I wonder if it was the same bus.

I wonder if anyone in the bus company or the Land Transport Authority monitor the movement of each bus to check their punctuality. Surely, if a bus is not transmitting its signal, it should have been noticed and the fault in the GPS tracker should be fixed right away.

I suspect that the nobody monitors the GPS locations, reflecting the low standard that exists in many parts of the Singapore system in recent years.


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