Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton win resounding victories in New York

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton notched resounding victories in New York, answering questions about their command of the race as the front-runners moved significantly closer to their party's nominations.
Their decisive wins will usher in a new phase in the 2016 presidential campaign. Both Trump and Clinton have fought bitterly for months to keep their rivals at bay, each slogging through primary contests that exposed vulnerabilities in their candidacies and campaigns.
On Tuesday, Trump came close to sweeping New York's 95 delegates -- a development that could help the Manhattan real estate mogul win the GOP nomination outright and avoid what would be a messy contested convention in July. CNN projected Trump will clear the 50% threshold to take all of New York's 14 statewide delegates.
Clinton's win, meanwhile, will go a long way in blunting the momentum of Bernie Sanders -- the liberal Vermont senator whose unexpected popularity has dogged the former secretary of state.
It was a sweet homecoming for the front-runners, who each have deep ties to New York.
Last year, Trump and Clinton -- in wildly different settings -- launched their White House campaigns in New York City. On Tuesday, it was again in Manhattan that both Trump and Clinton confidently declared that they were within reach of the nomination.

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