Friday, February 17, 2017

Occupancy of buses

I take bus 163 to work and home regularly for the past year.

I observed that this service is usually very crowded. This morning after 9.30 am, I saw two buses passed by that were packed.

At the same time, I observed several buses under service 854 and 857 went by that were more than half empty.

After work, I also observed that bus 163 is usually full, while other services were less full. Service 410 came regularly and were usually less than half full.

I suspect that the Land Transport Authority is not monitoring the occupancy of the buses under each service. They probably don't have the statistics to help them decide on increasing or reducing the buses on each service.

I have written to LTA on this matter and did not get any response from them.

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Tan Hwa said...

They can base on ticketing to collect data passenger qty,which timing more people etc.

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