Monday, February 20, 2017

Visit and stay in Setia, Johor, February 2017

Here is a 16 min video of my visit and overnight stay in Setia Indah, Johor. This video contains a narration. I hope you enjoy understanding more about Johor Bahru. Setia is just 30 mins away from the causeway.

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Yujuan said...

We love Malaysia, but present day Malaysia has changed.
Johore is among the most dangerous State.
Be very alert when you drive in your Singapore car, both the criminals and the Police keep watch on you, esp driving along the EDL.
We took a wrong turning into the EDL, and suddenly a traffic Police Car appeared like a ghost and harrassed us to check our Road tax, driving licence and passports, holding us up for about 20 mins. Kopi money is the motive, but we held on, dun want be accused of bribing the Police.
Finally they returned the documents and drove off.
Entering the EDL, we were tailed by 3 motorcyclists, we drove fast into a town centre to have a break, and they left. What a lousy day.
Folks must take preliminary precautions driving upcountry.
Ensure your car is serviced well, you would be a dead duck if it breaks down on the expressway. Dun stop on the way unless you need tiolet breaks.
Our Malaysian relatives caution us when you stop the car, look all round you to ensure nobody lurking, criminals always work in 3s or 4s.
Upon arrival, borrow friend's or relative's Malaysian car to drive around, and park your Singapore car in their house.
The West side is much safer security-wise.
Put passports and some cash in a concealed pocket in your clothes, and some money in your hand bag, preferably slung across your shoulders.
When robbed, hand over your bag quickly and asked to be let off.
Dress like a Malaysian and dun drive expensive cars, no jewellery either.
A Malaysian friend got her branded bag snatched off at a coffee shop in Petaling Jaya right before our eyes, with the robber jumping onto an
accomplice's motor bike and rode off within a few seconds.
Thieves have master keys to all Japanese cars, so take precaution.

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